As well as using this project as an opportunity to raise awareness around 'reform & rehabilitation' we also want to raise money and focus this very honourable and noble charity. Half of UK male prison population have been victims of crime as child so we want to give something back Embrace contiune their great work

Embrace CVOC is the only national charity that is solely focused on supporting children and young people who have been the victims of serious crime and their immediate families. Children are among the most vulnerable victims in our communities.

Embrace believes that support should be tailored to the needs of individuals and offers a range of emotional, practical and specialist services along with a flexible approach. Whatever is needed to help a child cope with what has happened, recover and move on is what we aim to deliver.

The charity’s own research revealed that often young victims of crime had to wait months to access counselling services – that is if the services were available at all.

Since discovering that there was no national response that prioritised the needs of young people traumatised by crime, the charity has been working to develop a specialist counselling service that young people could access across England and Wales.

Working with Police & Crime Commissioners, Victims’ Hubs, Sexual Abuse Referral Centres and safeguarding professionals, we are able to ensure that our most vulnerable victims of crime – and often the most forgotten – can readily access the level of support they need.

Practical help, cheer up support – including family theme park outings and peer group
support breaks – and emotional support are also provided to hundreds of young victims and their families across the UK every year.”