• David Adams

Birth of a New Dawn

Updated: May 4, 2020

For those of us who have served a prison sentence know far to well how easy it is to sit in our cells alone with our thoughts and fantasise about the future and the long forgotten dreams we so desire to conquer. But how many of us actually leave prison and go on to achieve those goals that we let slip through our fingers and disappear into the abyss?

For me prison was a time for change, a time to grow and a time prove that I am much more than those four walls of solitude that sealed me away from my dreams and aspirations that kept me up late into the night longing for.

Going to prison was and always will be my biggest failure in life but I will never let it be my defining moment. I am beyond determined to turn that failure into one of my biggest successes and by doing this I have taken on the challenge to conquer a childhood dream of climbing Mount Everest.

I am literally taking a journey from behind bars to the top of the world and I will be documenting the whole process as I go. Mount Everest has always been number one of my bucket list closely followed by trekking to the South Pole and sailing across the Atlantic.

I never knew for what reason I could summit Mount Everest, I struggled to find a good reason to accept the call to adventure but with all the time I had to myself and through my extensive limited research it dawned on me that no one has ever climbed Mount Everest to raise awareness around ‘reform and rehabilitation’, so there it is, my reason to take on this “mountain” of a challenge.

One thing I am proud of with my sentence is that I was very pro active and always delivered. A few opportunities had arisen during my sentence for me to talk about rehabilitation, which consisted of myself getting more companies to work with the prison service, which I did with success, I even attended a country club on ROTL (Release on Temporary Licence) to talk about the benefits of hiring ex-offenders and appeared on TV twice.

Something I want to continue doing now as a liberated man is continue with my work on rehabilitation outside of the prisons. I want to persuade our society to change their views on us who have served time in prison, showing how we are all fully capable individuals seeking an honest second chance to life and I want more companies to hire from prisons and help others like myself stay on the right track.

With all this in mind I have now created ‘The Everest Reform Project’. My mission is to break down barriers between staff & residents once and for all to work as a team and summit Mount Everest, finally showing that there is much more to us than what the label portrays. This project is about showing how failures can become successes and when faced with adversity old ways are put to rest so obstacles can be conquered to achieve a positive future for our society as a whole.

By undertaking this project I hope it will give us the platform we so deserve to speak up and show our society that more needs to be done to support ‘reform and rehabilitation’, which in turn will help with reducing reoffending creating a harmonious environment of our communities.

By conquering this task I also want to share stories of others who have turned their lives around flipping their failures into successes to educate individuals less aware of the good that can go on to be achieved. I want to show others who are serving a prison sentence or have served a prison sentence that prison is not the end and with the right commitment and attitude we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

We may have been to prison but we are not criminals, we are people looking for change and that time for change is now so lets all come together and inspire hope and growth by proving our mistakes do not define us.

I am always looking to grow my team so if you are released and would like to get involved with this project, served a prison sentence and gone on to achieve success in life, have any questions or could even help with the success of this project then please do e-mail me at

- David Adams #everestreform

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