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Project Leader/              
Ex-Prison Resident

David has always had a passion for adventure and a life long goal to climb Mount Everest. Whilst not wanting to be defined by his mistakes he created 'The Everest Reform Project' to prove that our biggest failures in life can also become our biggest successes. With a desire to do more for rehabilitation David is on a mission to get our country talking on this subject so more can be done to support those who have been incarcerated and change the mindset of our nation.



Agent of Change/
Ex-Prison Resident

Kam is a passionate agent of change, who believes strongly in prison reform and conveying this passion through film.  He is due to start an undergraduate degree in Film in September 2020 and has the ambition of creating his own films, to highlight the challenges and issues associated with prison. Kam has lived experience of prison and his work in strongly informed by his experience of incarceration.  Kam is creative, talented and a natural leader, who works for Penal Reform Solutions to bring about social change.



Believer in Change/Prison Officer

My name is Karen Lawrence, I am 45 years old. I have been a prison officer for 5 years. A prisoner said to me, ‘why do you want to work with us in here’? This is why, to stand alongside an individual to work with them. 

On a selfish level to have this lifetime opportunity to climb Everest would be beyond all imagination but as with Dave’s vision doing this with ‘ex offenders’ would be the ultimate symbolic event of what we are aiming to achieve. We will be equals and not having the power imbalance within the prison environment which is inevitably there. I strive to address this within my role as a prison officer. 

This challenge I know will show my mental abilities, patience, strength,determination and commitment along with my vulnerabilities which as a prison officer we are not able to show. The experience will show me how to believe in myself and trust and rely on others when my physical and emotional capabilities are stretched to breaking point, reflecting individuals' experiences in the criminal justice system. 

Having this opportunity to see this journey through in whatever role as part of Dave’s team would be beyond all imagination and comprehension. I want to be part of this team taking on such a magnificent challenge to aim to obliterate the ‘mountain’ of prison reform. I want to have this achievement and feel proud.